Once every two-hundred years does Saturn enter Scorpio and align with the Blood Moon. On that ominous evening, the Cabal of Cain plans to conjure their demonic messiah, the Angel of Death, to save humanity.

After killing Abel, God ‘marked’ Cain by turning him white “… so that all would know him and none take revenge.” Cain’s skin, eyes and hair were drained of all pigment, God’s punishment to be delivered by the Sun’s burning rays. Cain and his white-skinned people sought refuge north.

Over the next three thousand years, and until this day, The Ten with the Mark of Cain secretly master the world’s economies and war machines. Yet, even with its tremendous wealth and power, The Cabal of Cain realizes that the human population explosion, the subsequent pollution and

depletion of resources, now threaten even its own existence. Their solution is to exterminate four billion innocents using the Ring of King Solomon to control The Great Lord after He is brought back to life in human flesh.